Android brings DVR features and picture-in-picture to Android TV

Google really did not forget the big-screen experience in Android 7.0, and two new features are here that are made to boost the experience on your Android-powered television. Google knows that several people desire a fantastic media community on the biggest screen in your home— the tv. They’re not alone. Apple as well as Microsoft see the area and also are playing on their very own staminas, also.

Microsoft has the Home Movie theater COMPUTER market rather well finished up, but Apple as well as Google still assume they can use something beneficial to individuals seeking greater than just what the cable television firm can supply, and also have been busy refining existing attributes as well as including new ones to their TELEVISION offerings. This type of competition is wonderful for us— individuals purchasing the products.

Google uses Android TV both as a box you can use with an existing tv or as the integrated operating system on high-end TVs. For the majority of purposes, they act the same way and also do the very same points, however the set-top models are a pass-through as well as have no TV receiver.


The Online Channels app for Android TV uses an IP-based TV tuner to bring tv shows to set-top boxes, while all-in-one Android Television Set such as this 70-inch beauty from Sharp can use the integrated receiver. This brings us to the very first brand-new (as well as much-awaited) function of Android Nougat for the telly— far better DVR capacities with TV recording

Better recording.

With Marshmallow, Android TV had the ability to stop, return to or rewind an online program with what Google calls time-shifting APIs. These positioned the video clip as well as sound from a program right into a buffer that was saved as a recording, and also we were able to view the recording while the live stream was being added to it.


Android 7.0 takes this to the next degree by adding full-on recording support. You’ll have the ability to record live shows and save them for later on, routine a recording and also have multiple recordings reduced your TELEVISION at once. Generally, you’ll have DVR-like capacities constructed in. If an error is experienced rather than throwing whatever away, the new APIs additionally have error dealing with that lets an app designer save a portion of a recording.

Missing out on 3 mins of your favorite show isn’t an excellent experience, but it’s better compared to missing every one of it.Google additionally makes it clear in the documentation that a brand-new Live Channels app is coming that sustains these attributes. Designers of other apps that intend to use DVR functions will have to add them to their existing apps as well as target them for Android 7.0.



The various other brand-new function for Android TV in Nougat is picture-in-picture mode.This is an expansion of Android 7.0's multi-window display screen that can put an application’s readable section right into a 240x135dp (dot pitch) top-layer window, much like we have seen from standard televisions in the past. It has a number of truly great differences, though.


A developer can use the PiP setting to present one view of an app while a different view of the same app is on the primary portion of the display screen. Example usage situations they give consist of playing the tail end of one program or video aware home window while a summary or promo plays generally view, or showing what’s presently playing in the picture window while an individual navigates the program menu or settings in the main home window.


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This would certainly be terrific for developing a queued playlist on video clip evening, or for seeing just what else know when you’re not into the online broadcast that’s currently playing. It might also be a method to do terrible points like disturb a video stream with an ad. Developers, do not do that, please. Of training course, the remainder of the modifications and also improvements in Android 7.0 apply to Android TV, also. The update ought to take a breath some new life into Android in your living room.

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